One Year Olds

For our "curious" one year olds, we continue to build upon the foundation provided for our infants. For those who need it, encouragement regarding pulling up and walking is continued. There is a focus on words…introducing new words and language skills according to the developmental age of the child. Our staff continues to read and talk a lot to our children. We play games and have many activities that are instrumental in assisting children in developing small and large motor skills. Focus is placed on learning through music, singing and dancing. As with our infants, there is lots of floor time. Toys that keep our children intellectually stimulated are provided at our center. In addition, equipment and activities that encourage climbing, rolling and throwing balls, looking for hidden objects, learning to feed him/herself, opening containers, stacking objects, etc. are also a part of our one year olds program.

We focus on children knowing and saying their own name, knowing and identifying basic body parts and other objects making up their daily surrounding. Age appropriate cause and effect is introduced.

We do understand that the attention span of one year olds may not be long, so our program is geared towards formal instruction in short time intervals. Our program for one year olds is filled with fun and age appropriate learning adventure.

Parents will receive a daily status of their child's day. This status gives a general description of their child's disposition during the day, any developmental milestones and any other pertinent information that the teacher deems beneficial to the parent.