Five Year Olds (Private Pre-K5)

Our "brilliant" five year olds program is designed for children who turn five after the school year has started and is not able to participate in an elementary school program. As with our Private Pre-K Program, this program is further designed to ensure school readiness for our children. Concepts taught in our Private Pre-K Program are continued. Our children are further taught counting, numbers and arithmetic, reading, language skills, writing, spelling, etiquette and age appropriate public speaking.

We ensure that children know their full names, address, phone number and parent's name. Our children are introduced to the basic concepts of adding and subtracting. The spelling of basic words is also taught. We provide our Pre-K5 class with books that will enhance and encourage their reading ability. In addition, our five year olds spend time reading aloud.

We continue to have lots of group conversations with five year olds. We teach the difference between right and left hands, feet, etc. There is a focus on money identification, days of the weeks, seasons, months of the year, telling time and weather. Our children are also engaged in problem solving.

Children in our Pre-K5 Program also participate in our end of year program to display what they have learned in preparation for attending elementary school.